A United Methodist Community

Simple~ Life Giving ~ Fun



At Discovery, we are working to make disciples in a way that is  SIMPLE ~ LIFE GIVING ~ FUN

SIMPLE, because life is crazy and complex.  When Jesus said "follow me", that was a simple command...not easy but simple

LIFE GIVING because too often we do churchy things that suck the life out of us.  Jesus said "I'll give you life and abundant life at that."

FUN because if anyone on earth should be full of joy, it should be us.  That doesn't mean that life is always fun, but our faith and joy combined with God's living presence should fill us daily with hope and optimism.  So join us on this journey of Discovery.  

                                               Pastor Mike Skelton


Worship & Fellowship

Sundays  - 10 AM 

fb christmaspageant christmas eve

December 24,   10:00 am Worship

                          5:00 pm Candlelight Communion